What to Expect at Your 1st Salt Therapy Appointment

So, here you are. You’ve decided to try something new. But, what, exactly, did you sign up for? 

I’m sure you’re thinking:

What do I wear?

How long will it take?

What do I do during a Salt Therapy session?

Well, to begin: welcome! We are so excited for you to try your first salt therapy session and are here to help you get started on your wellness journey. You are one step closer to breathing better, resting better, looking better and simply, feeling better.

After checking in at the front desk for your appointment and a brief tour of our studio, you will be led to the complimentary lockers to secure your personal items.  

We do ask that you remove shoes before entering the salt room; there are several racks available for shoe storage. We recommend bringing a pair of socks so that your feet stay nice and cozy during your session. We also have booties and hair caps available upon request if needed. 

The salt room consists of a back-lit Himalayan salt block wall, coarse Himalayan salt “river” and four luxurious, zero gravity chairs. 

Upon entering the salt room, you will be assigned to a zero gravity chair to relax in – you can adjust the pillows and tilt to your preference. Most people’s reaction once they sit down is: wow, I need one of these for my house! Yes, they are that amazing. We also have blankets that you can easily access if you start to get a little cold during your session or just want to snuggle.

Each chair has a corresponding pair of wireless noise canceling headphones. You can listen to relaxing music curated for your experience ranging from nature sounds and spa music to jazz and R&B. 

After that, just sit back and relax for the duration of your session! We dim the lights and the Halogenerator will be turned on so you reap the benefits of salt while relaxing your body and mind. Learn more about the story of Salt Therapy (Halotherapy) here.

The people that have the best experiences, let go of all expectations. Don’t expect to see a huge cloud of salt throughout the room or to have a thick layer of salt particles covering your clothing. It is common for some people to taste a little salt on their lips or a tingle on their skin after about 20 minutes, but not everyone will experience this. The best thing you can do is relax, let go, and breathe freely. The effects are also cumulative – we recommend coming 2-3 times a week, especially the first time you try salt therapy. We even have a little guide that you can review at your leisure while you relax in the salt room that gives more information about how often you should attend salt therapy based on your needs & goals.

When your 45-minute session is up, we will come to get you (and maybe even wake you up for your cat nap 😉).

All equipment is sanitized between client sessions for your safety and health.  

As always, any questions about your experience or to learn more, send us a message at info@edensaltstudio.com, visit the FAQ on our website, or give us a call at 501.563.3683! 

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