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The Story of Salt Therapy

When Will I Start Feeling the Benefits?

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Most people see the greatest overall health benefits of Salt Therapy when they attend 2-3 sessions per week.

Salt Therapy Membership

8 sessions a month


Attend ttend up to 8 salt therapy sessions per month.

This membership option is not available on a month-to-month basis. Minimum commitment is 3 months. Membership begins on date of purchase and auto bills every 30 days. Other conditions may apply. Memberships auto renew at the end of term unless 30-day notice is provided.

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Attend unlimited regularly scheduled yoga classes, infrared sauna sessions, and salt therapy sessions. Does not include special events or workshops.

Membership begins on date of purchase and auto bills every 30 days. Other conditions may apply. Memberships auto renew at the end of term unless 30-day notice is provided.

Membership Benefits

• 1 Free Guest Pass Monthly
• 10% Off Select Retail Items

Other Payment Options

Individual Session • $29

10-Class Package • $235


Packages expire after 90 days.
Memberships auto renew every month.
30-Day Notice for Membership termination.
Unused sessions do NOT rollover.
Excluding the “unlimited” option, Memberships can be shared with family members.

HSA & FSA Cards NOW Accepted.

Please contact us by phone or come in to the studio to purchase Salt Therapy or Infrared Sauna services using your Health Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account.

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Benefits of Salt Therapy

The Origins of Salt Therapy

Dry salt therapy was first officially recognized as a therapy in 1843 by Polish physician Dr. Feliks Boczkowski, who noticed that the salt mine workers rarely suffered from respiratory issues. Impressed with the positive health benefits he witnessed in the salt mines, Dr. Boczkowski founded and opened the first health resort facility at the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Poland.

Yoga Class at Eden Salt Studio
Yoga Class at Eden Salt Studio

Natural salt caves have been used in Eastern Europe for more than 150 years. Throughout Eastern Europe, people started using hollowed-out areas of salt mines, which were referred to as “caves”, as underground health resorts and sanatoriums. In 1976, Russian doctors and scientists created the first halogenerator, which replicated the conditions of salt mines. As halotherapy grew more popular in the 1980s and 1990s, health and beauty resorts throughout Europe and Scandinavia began to install salt rooms and offer halotherapy as one of their restorative treatments. Thousands of patients have been successfully treated in Russia, Canada, UK, Australia, USA, and Indonesia.

Modern Dry Salt Therapy

Eden Salt Studio yoga and salt therapy rooms are equipped with halogenerators to circulate dry, salty air to recreate the microclimate of an underground salt cave. While sitting in the salt room or practicing in the yoga studio and breathing the dry, salty air, clients will experience halotherapy treatment. Salt reaches the deepest part of the lungs to absorb bacteria, pollutants, and to provide an anti-inflammatory effect. The rooms are also adorned with 100% pure Himalayan pink salt to create a calming, visually pleasing environment.

Yoga Class at Eden Salt Studio

“First salt therapy. I feel incredible after one visit. This place is amazing. The yoga I do there and salt therapy really helps my mind and body become healthier. It’s super clean. The owner is awesome. She is so patient with my million questions!!! I highly recommend giving it a try. Support small business and give Eden a visit.”

Shannon G.

Sinus & Allergy Relief

Salt Therapy is known to help:

Remove allergens from respiratory tract and sinuses
Reduce inflammation
Relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies
Sinus infections

Skin Conditions

Dry Salt Therapy is known to help:

Improve skin appearance & texture

Overall Wellness

Dry Salt Therapy is known to help:

Reduce stress & anxiety
Boost immunity
Snoring and sleep apnea
Improve sleep


Dry Salt Therapy is known to help:

Enhance athletic performance
Increase lung capacity
Reduce swelling
Reduce inflammation

Etiquette and Policies


Please Be on Time: Yoga Classes and Salt Sessions begin promptly at the time scheduled. Clients will not be allowed into a class or session more than 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to enter the studio after the scheduled start time as we often lock the doors while a yoga class is in session.

Age Restrictions: Yoga – students must be 14 or older to attend regular yoga classes and must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who is taking class and practicing next to the teen. Instructors reserve the right to not allow a teen to take class if they feel the student is a distraction, disturbance, or too difficult to teach. We are happy to discuss exceptions to this policy prior to class. Salt Therapy – Salt therapy is great for people of all ages! We require any child under 14 to be accompanied by an adult in a salt session. If you are bringing a very young child that may disturb other guests, please reserve a Private Session.

Personal Belongings: We have lockers and storage units for you to store your shoes and personal items such as cell phones, keys, and clothing. No cell phones are allowed in the yoga studio. Eden Salt Studio is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Illness: Admittance into all group sessions and classes must be avoided when in acute stages or contagious phases of any illness including: colds, coughs, flu, COVID19, rashes, fever, athlete’s foot, diarrhea, acute active tuberculosis, cardiac insufficiency, COPD in the third stage, bleeding, spitting of blood, alcohol, or drug intoxication, unstable or uncontrolled hypertension, and acute stages of respiratory diseases. 

Reservation Policy: For all yoga classes and group salt sessions, while highly recommended, reservations are not required. We cannot guarantee that we will have adequate space for you if you do not make a reservation. If only 0-1 person is registered for a Yoga Class within 24 hours in advance of the Yoga Class, the class will be canceled. Sign up for your classes in advance so that your favorite class is guaranteed to meet!

Cancellation Policy: Yoga Classes and Salt Sessions must be canceled at least 4 hours in advance to avoid a Late Cancel or No Show Fee. Clients who Late Cancel or No Show with packages will have a class/session deducted from their package. Drop-ins will forfeit the class. Clients with memberships receive a 1-class/session “freebie” per month before they will be charged a $10 Cancellation Fee. No refunds or credits will be given to clients that Late Cancel or No Show.

Refunds: Eden Salt Studio does not provide cash credit/debit card refunds on individual classes/sessions, class/session packages, massages, workshops, special events, memberships, or Yoga Teacher Training.

Inclement Weather: In the event of a late opening or closing due to snow or other inclement weather, we will follow the Little Rock School District for all of our daytime classes. For evenings, class cancellations will be posted four hours prior to the scheduled class time. Please check our website or Momence scheduling App for up-to-date schedule changes. We will also attempt to make announcements on social media platforms. 

No Scent Policy: Eden Salt Studio is a scent free studio, which means that strong scents such as smoke, cigar, perfume/topical ointments, or unclean body odor will not be tolerated and will result in being asked to leave.

Eden Salt Studio Reserves the Right to Refuse Service to All Individuals to the Studio Who Will Not Follow Studio Policies, May Cause Harm to Others, and Who have Ill Intentions.

Minimum $5 for all in-studio credit card purchases. Please bring cash to facilitate easier and faster transactions.

“I have psoriasis that tends to flare up in the spring and fall. I also have seasonal allergies (runny nose, sinus pressure) in the spring/fall. I have found great relief in the salt therapy sessions and some skin salve that Tori suggested I try. I have kept my allergies under control and my skin is looking and feeling great! I enjoy the variety of yoga classes that Eden offers in a supportive and fun environment. Eden brings calm and great energy to West Little Rock!”

Stacy H.