What the Heck is a Salt Studio?!

Hi there! And welcome to Eden Salt Studio and the Namast’ay Salty Blog! So I bet you are thinking, “What in the world is a salt studio?” and “why should I try it out?”

Let me tell you a little bit about our one-of-a-kind, family owned, health & wellness facility located in west Little Rock, Arkansas.  Our studio has three rooms: 

  • a yoga studio that is also a salt room,
  • a large salt room with four luxurious zero gravity recliners, and
  • a private, smaller salt room for massages & infrared sauna

Some of our rooms have large Salt Walls made with authentic Himalayan salt bricks and floors covered with Himalayan salt crystals.

Yoga Studio at Eden Salt Studio | West Little Rock

There is a huge emphasis on salt isn’t there? Well, here at Eden Salt Studio, we first and foremost believe in the healing power of salt. Wait, what? Salt has healing properties? 


Salt is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and incredibly absorbent.  Salt, often said to be “worth its weight in gold,” has played an important role in nearly every civilization since the beginning of time. Historically, salt has been used to preserve food; as money; and as a spiritual icon. Medicinal use tended to emphasize the positive aspects of salt, e.g. prevention of putrefaction, reduction of tissue swelling, and treatment of diarrhea. Through the use of technology and a machine called a Halogenerator, all of the rooms in our studio can disperse microscopic salt particles into the air. When you breathe in these salt particles you are able to breathe better, boost your immune system and improve overall wellness.

So, our studio is made up of three salt rooms. And in these salt rooms, we offer Dry Salt Therapy (a.k.a Halotherapy) in a spa-like setting. Dry Salt Therapy improves lung function, provides allergy relief, and can help treat skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis.  In our large salt room when you come in for a Salt Therapy Session, we have relaxing zero gravity chairs and noise canceling headphones to promote stress and anxiety reduction. You sit back, put your feet up and just relax and breathe for 45 minutes. In our yoga studio, we offer yoga classes 7 days/week. All levels of yoga practice are welcome; classes are labeled beginner, intermediate, advanced so you can choose which will work best for where you are (some “salty” yoga classes have the added benefit of dry salt therapy to your practice). In our smaller, private salt room you can experience our Infrared Sauna, a Private Salt Therapy Session, or a Salty Massage.

And of course, we sell locally made Himalayan salt scrubs, bath salts, and other holistic products in our studio.  Thanks for learning what we are all about. We’re so excited to meet you; check back in for more posts about the healing powers of salt therapy, infrared sauna, yoga and other holistic practices.

Ready to come in for a visit? Of course you are – try one of our amazing New Client Packages here.

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