How to Practice Yoga in a Larger Body

Practicing yoga in a larger body is absolutely possible and can be a wonderful way to enhance flexibility, strength and overall well-being. Here are some tips to help you practice yoga in a larger body:

GET COMFY: Wear comfortable clothing that makes you feel confident. During your first few classes, you will be moving your body in new ways as well as hearing a lot of new words and phrases. The last thing you want to be worried about is tugging on your clothes or being self-conscious because of what you are wearing; so go ahead and get comfy!

PROPS ARE YOUR FRIENDS: Yoga blocks, bolsters, straps are amazing and not just for people who are new to yoga! Props bring the floor closer to you, which allows postures to become more accessible while maintaining proper alignment.

SPICE IT UP: Don’t be afraid to try variations or adapt postures to suit YOUR body! accessible and helping you to maintain correct alignment. For example, if seated forward fold is uncomfortable because of your chest or belly, you can separate your legs to make room. You could also sit on a bolster to elevate your hips and make it more accessible.

THE BODY KNOWS: Pay attention to and listen to your body’s signals during your practice. A really unique benefit of yoga, as compared to other forms of exercise, is the increased body awareness that yogis develop with consistent practice. If a pose is painful, stop. If it’s uncomfortable, proceed with caution by varying or adapting; and always be more intentional with your breathing. or asking the teacher for help/tips.

JUST BREATHE: Yoga is so much more than just the poses! There are eight “limbs” to yoga, including breathwork and meditation. Incorporating breathing and meditation into your practice allows you to calm your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and connect with yourself.

commUNITY: Finding a supportive community makes the difference when trying anything new. Yoga is no different. Look for yoga studios or classes that emphasize inclusivity and body positivity. Do they have other students that look like you? What about teachers? Connecting with a supportive community can create a more comfortable and encouraging environment for your practice.

Your yoga journey is personal. Progress comes with consistent practice over time. Remember to celebrate your achievements, big and small, and enjoy the many benefits that yoga can bring to your life. Namaste. 💜