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Connect with us

Eden Salt Studio is a wellness studio offering yoga and dry salt therapy in west Little Rock. We are a family-owned business that seeks to bring a unique customer experience to Central Arkansas. Through yoga and dry salt therapy, we will provide first-class service to create a wellness experience you are accustomed to getting at your favorite spa.

Sit and breathe the dry, salty air as you unwind and detox in a dry salt therapy session to recharge your body and mind; or move and meditate during one of our diverse yoga class offerings. It doesn’t matter how you choose to find the relief you are looking for, it is our mission to ensure that you Enjoy Every Breath!

Studio Hours

Mon – Thur  |  10am – 2pm

Friday |  8am – 2pm

Saturday  |  10am – 2pm

Sun  |  Closed

Eden will open 15 minutes prior to any scheduled Yoga class if the class is scheduled outside of our normal business hours.

Studio Information

15400 Chenal Pkwy #160

Little Rock, Arkansas 72211