Closing Out Summer with a Salad…

Grilled Summer Squash Pasta Salad

Say that 5 times fast.

Summer = Grilling, late summer = squash. Squash = happiness.

This recipe combines the best of late summer fresh vegetables into a wonderful light crispy salad, perfect for pairing with your other summer favorites!

Using a variety of squashes increases the texture of the salad, so feel free to change it up and try different summer squash – pattypan, eight ball, zephyr, and good old yellow squash will all work nicely.

2 medium zucchini
2-3 medium summer squash variant (see note above)
5 ears of sweet corn, shucked
2 cups fresh cherry tomatoes
Fresh basil for garnish
4 cups rotini pasta 

Wash and dry your squashes. Slice length-wise into quarters, discard stem and bud end if desired. Keep these strips of squash large enough that they won’t run away from you on the grill.

Heat grill to a medium high heat, lightly brushy squash and corn ears with oil and cook until grill marks appear, flipping often. Take off the grill and set aside to cool.

Cook pasta as directed, keeping on the more al dente side. Strain and cool.

Cut tomatoes in half.

Once squash is cooled, chop to a similar size as the cherry tomatoes. Carefully cut corn off the ear.

Gently toss all ingredients together in a large bowl.

Chiffonade basil, sprinkle as garnish.

Can serve lightly dressed with the Shallot balsamic previously posted, or toss lightly in a flavored olive oil with some salt and pepper to really let the squash flavors shine through

Adapted from Instagram @d.lightfulgourmet